This really is something I should keep to myself!  This is probably not the type of information that I should share with the world!  But, for the sake of the makeover . . .here it goes!

A couple of weeks ago my father and husband took my kids to see Cars 2, while I stayed home with the baby because he was sick.  Right before they left, my husband asked my dad if he wanted to roll up the windows of his car.  My dad decided it looked pretty clear out, so he would just leave them down!

As they travelled to the movie theatre, running late as usual, the sky suddenly began to get dark.  As they got closer to the theatre, the clouds thickened and they began to hear thunder.  My father called me to tell me he had left the windows to his car down and taken the keys with him. . .and there was a storm on the way.  He actually just wanted me to put towels on his seats!  LOL!  Like that would help much with a storm. . .but, a sweet daddy didn’t want me to fret!

I decided I would call my mom to see if she had an extra key.  She found a key, but wasn’t sure if it was the right one, and she started the 15 minute drive to my house.  However, I needed to do something fast.  She wasn’t even sure if it was the right key, and the storm was getting close!  The only thing I knew to do was to get huge garbage bags and duct tape them to the windows!

Let me paint a picture for you.  I have not fixed my hair. . .for that matter I haven’t even showered.  I am in workout clothes with spit-up on them.  And, I have huge garbage bags and duct tape trying to cover the windows of my dad’s car parked on the street!  Suddenly, the wind picked up. . .and trash bags were flying everywhere as I tried to tape them down!  I was a hot mess!

Now, because of the sudden weather, every neighbor who had been at the pool was now leaving. . .trying to get home before the storm hit!  As embarrassed as I was, I have made a vow to start getting to know my neighbors (I so desperately want to be a light to them and show them the love of Jesus!). . .so, I talked to everyone who passed. . .most of which I didn’t know!  I told them I knew how silly I must look, but I didn’t know what else to do!  They were all cordial, but seemed in a hurry to move on.  I assumed it was because of the nearing storm.

Some sweet neighbors that I do know pulled up and said, “Hey Princess, what are you doing?”  I laughed and told them what was happening.  But, deep inside. .. I thought, “Well, how sweet. . .they think I’m a Princess!  Precious!  I knew I loved them!”

The gentleman got out to help me.. .just as my mom was pulling up!  Praise the Lord!  The key worked!  I could now pull off all of the garbage bags.  (I will, however, say that I had done a great job on this project!  LOL!  Too bad that isn’t one of my makeover goals!)

I was telling him thank you for trying to help me!  And, he was being so sweet, telling me what a nice daughter I was helping out my dad.  And, again, telling me how sweet it was that I was a princess while doing it!  Precious, how sweet of him to say. . . .oh WAIT!!!  I FORGOT. . .Alyssa had put a big, pink, sparkly tiara on my head before she left!   They weren’t saying I was like a princess. . .they were saying I was dressed up like one!

I was mortified!  I had met new neighbors and talked to ones I barely knew!  No wonder they were in such a hurry to move on!  They were probably scared to let their children stand there too long. . .I must have looked absolutely crazy!  How embarassing!  I thought I may never be able to witness to my neighbors again. . .after all, they must think I am crazy!

This made me think about King David in 2 Samuel 6.  As he brought back the arc of the Lord back home he began to leap and dance before the Lord. .. in full view of everyone!  Then, vs. 20 says, “ When David returned home to bless his household, Michal daughter of Saul came out to meet him and said, ‘How the king of Israel has distinguished himself today, going around half-naked in full view of the slave girls of his servants as any vulgar fellow would!’”

And David responded, (21-22) ““It was before the LORD, who chose me rather than your father or anyone from his house when he appointed me ruler over the LORD’s people Israel—I will celebrate before the LORD.  I will become even more undignified than this, and I will be humiliated in my own eyes. But by these slave girls you spoke of, I will be held in honor.”

He must have looked crazy. . .but, he didn’t care, because He was worshipping the Lord.  He said that he would continue to celebrate the Lord even if that made him even look more undignified!

So, I wasn’t worshipping the Lord. . .and my tiara had no spiritual significance at all!  But, if I will let that embarrassment stop me from being a light to my neighbors, then what kind of Christian am I?

Maybe it’s time for me to get out there. . .be the Child of the King, the Princess Kristin, He has called me to be. . .and share the love of Jesus with everyone. . .but, maybe, I’ll do it without the tiara!

Maybe it’s time for all of us to quit worrying about what others think.  It’s time to quit worrying about what others might say.  It’s time to quit worrying about how we look. . .and just do what He has called us to do!  Let’s be the Light to the World!

You ARE  A New Creation In Him!

I love you!



Yes, I am still here!  I feel well. . .just exhausted!  For some reason my children have quit sleeping. . .which, guess what?!?  That means I quit sleeping!  Even when my sweet husband tries to get up with them to help me out, I still can’t sleep.  The mommy in me needs to get up!  So, by the time I get everyone into bed, get the house straightened, and it is time for me to write, all I want to do is crawl into bed and crash!  So, I am sorry!  But, I am still here!

My oldest went to church camp last week!  Anyone who knows me at all knows that is a HUGE step for me!  I take my role as mother very seriously. . .sometimes too seriously perhaps.  I don’t live in fear, but I do believe it is my responsibility while they are still young to protect them,  to guide them, to instruct them, to pour into them, and to lead them to the Savior!  I believe our children are a great blessing, and with that come a huge responsibility!  So, to send him away for 3 days took much prayer and faith on my part!

We dropped him off at camp a little late due to some 4th of July festivities we had to attend.  When we took him, he just ran off!  I mean, really. . .he just ran off!  I had to chase him down to make his say, “good-bye!”  I said, “Don’t I even get a hug?”  He told me that he couldn’t get off the tarp because of the game so he couldn’t hug me!  REALLY?!?!  I was pretty sure he would later, as he laid in bed and missed his momma, regret that!

The next night we went up to camp for the Church Service. . .you don’t think that I could got more than 24 hours without checking on him, did you?  He saw me and came running!  That’s my Boy!  I got a hug, and then, “Mom, I gotta go catch my friends?”  REALLY?!?!  Well, at least I would see him after church.  I did.  He ran by  (literally) and said, “Hi, Mom!”  REALLY?!?!  I yelled to him that I loved him and would see him tomorrow night.  He yelled back, “O.K.  Love you too!”  REALLY?!?!

Wednesday night we went back up for the service!  I was pretty certain he would be missing me a lot by now!  Nope!  Quick hug, and off he went!  After the service and the game night, I had to bribe him to come home with us!  He wanted to go to sleep there and get up the next morning at 7 am instead of going home with us that night!  REALLY!?!?  He finally decided to come home!

He slept till noon the next morning!  He had obviously had a great time!  When he woke up, he told me everything they did. . .the go-carts, horses, fishing, swimming, diving off the big diving board, the puppet who sang booger songs, etc.  He can’t wait until next year!

And then, I made a huge mistake!  I asked him the wrong question. . .I asked him, “Michael, did you miss mommy?”

He replied, “Ummm. . A little bit!”

WHAT?!?!?  You missed me a little bit?

Can I just say my heart was totally broken!  Oh. . .how I wish I could say that he later came up and said, “Oh mom, I loved all those things at camp, but you know I love you more than any of them,” . . .or something like that!  But no, a couple days later he finally does say to me, “Mom, I don’t think college will be too hard. . .now that I’m used to being away at camp!”


But, then there are those moments that he wants to sit on my lap. . .he wants me to sing him a song or read him a book. . .he wants to play a game. . .he needs my help. . .he runs and hugs me with an, “I Love You, Mom!” for no reason. . .and he begs me to play with him!  Oh how I love those moments!

I have still been reading my Bible the last couple of weeks more than I was before. . .but not as much as I would like.  I still have been praying. . but I find my eyes often closing as I do.  My home is getting more organized by the day, but is it taking the place of my time with him?  Have I gotten so busy with all the stuff. . .with the crying baby. . .with cooking new meals. . .working the nursery. .  .with cleaning out the closet. . .that my Heavenly Father is asking, “Kristin, did you miss  your Daddy?”

I can honestly say. . .”Yes!”  I miss those times with him more than anything!  I have had some great moments the past few weeks with Him. . .but they are never enough!  Yes, I have been too busy!  And, Yes, I have missed Him!

There have been times in my life that I don’t know what my answer would have been if He asked me that.  There have been times that I have been content in where I was and what I was doing.  But, not now. . .I am not content being a Martha. . .I want to be Mary!  I want to sit at His feet and be in His presence!  I want to get all of Him that I can get!  And, I never want Him to have to ask me again if I missed Him.  I want to pursue Him so hard that I’m never away from Him!

So, let me ask you. . .What if Jesus was to ask you the same question. . .”Do you miss me?”  What would your answer be?  Because, guess what?!?  He misses you more than you can imagine!

You ARE A New Creation In Him!

I love you!

I have not forgotten this or you!  I am so sorry!  It has been one long day/night after another. . .with no time to write!  I have much going on in my mind. . .I keep texting myself things I don’t want to forget to write about!  But, tonight will not be the night either!  I have a very fussy baby and when I do finally get him to rest. . .I am going to crash!  You must have rest for a makeover!

You ARE A New Creation in Him!

I love you. . .even though I seem absent!

My husband’s hometown boasts of having the biggest parade in the south for the Fourth of July!  It is huge!  Really, it’s amazing!  (I want to tell my normal joke about it. . .how it is so long because if you have a truck, a tractor, a fourwheeler, a bike, some rollerskates, a tricycle, or even a red wagon. . .you can be in the parade!  But, I wouldn’t want to offend anyone!  Just know, things that are in parenthesis don’t count, so you can’t be offended by them!)  Actually, it’s a lot of fun, and the kids look forward to it every year!  Especially because they get more candy during the parade than halloween could ever offer!

They also love it because they get to be in the parade!  Their grandmother is in charge of the Alumni Band!  I will admit, they do a great job leading off the parade!  They work very hard and sound great!  But, it’s especially wonderful because the kids can walk with them carrying flags (and since they are at the front of the parade, the kids require me to watch from the end of the parade. . .so they can join me as soon as they are done marching and get the candy!)

Michael, my oldest, just got a trumpet today!  He is so excited to learn how to play like his daddy!  (Praise the Lord, they got their musical talent from their daddy and my mom’s family!)  As they were getting ready to go to band practice tonight, Michael and Logan were looking at his trumpet.  Logan says, “Michael, are you so excited to play that in the parade?”

Michael says, “No, Logan!  I’m not going to play it in the parade!  I don’t even know how to play!”

Logan (5) responds, “Well, you will after tonight. . .that’s why we are having practice!”

Michael just rolled his eyes!

Perhaps I’m a little too much like Logan!  I thought I could just jump in and be an entire success at this makeover!  I especially thought I would be since I was telling the world about it (or the at least the few of you who read this!)  There is no way that I would mess up in front of you all!

But, I guess. . .like the trumpet, it’s taking a little more practice than I thought.  It’s taking some successes and failures.  It’s taking a lot more time and effort than I imagined!  I’ve got to learn the basics!  I wasn’t able to “play” in one night. . .or even one month!

Over the next month, I’m still going to be writing a lot!  But, I’m also going to ask a few to write a little two about things that the are successful at. .  .finances, organization, mothering, being a great wife, exercise, nutrition, overcoming addictions, etc.  I want to hear from others who have started their makeovers in an area and succeeded!

I guess I just need some tutors!  Someone to show me how to hold the horn, make the horn sound like music instead of a dying cat (that’s how it sounded today as the boys tried to play it!), what buttons make what note, etc.

I hope you will stick with me on this journey.  I hope you are still on your own journey!  I hope you haven’t given up!  But, if you have. . .pick your horn back up. . .let’s start making music!

You ARE A New Creation in Him!

I love You!

And, by the way. . .Logan could care less if he doesn’t know how to play an instrument!  He found an old toy drum and had me tie some yard around it so he could carry it around his neck.  Then, he put to jingle bell instruments in his pockets so that when he marched it would jingle!  Jonathan just called and when they started practice, he went right over to the drummers and beat right along!  Ahhh. . .how I wish I lived in “Logan Land” and marched to the beat of my own drummer!

Tomorrow is July 1.  A new day.  A new month.  A new start.

I thought I would look back tomorrow and say that my life had totally changed in the past month.  But, I’m looking back. . .and I have not met my goals.  There are some that are even worse than they were 30 days ago!  I am definately a pound heavier than I was a month ago.  I am not in better shape.  We are not closer to being debt free.  My house has a long way to go (just ask my mom. . .she came over tonight and it looked terrible!  Thanks for helping me pick up!).  I have a long way to go!

But, I can say that my life has totally changed.  My perspective have changed.  My love for the Word has changed.  My love and faith in Him has changed.  My self-worth because of Him has changed.

If you saw me walking down the street, you probably wouldn’t think I looked any different.  If you came to my house, you probably wouldn’t think I was any different. But, if you talk to me for very long at all. . .I think you would know I was different!

I have a long way to go!  BUT, I am changing.  I am in the makeover process. . .from the inside out!

I’m not going to fret about what I haven’t done!  I’m going to be excited about what I have. . .and press forward!

“For I am confident of this very thing, that He who began a good work in you will perfect it until the day of Christ Jesus.” Phillippians 1:6

Don’t worry if everything isn’t just as you wanted it to be. . .we are a work in process!  And He will finish the Work!

Let’s start anew tomorrow!  Lets wake up expecting God to do GREAT Things in our lives this second half of the year!  And, let’s do our part too!

You ARE A New Creation in Him!

I love you!

Sorry. . .no funny story tonight!  We are having a total melt-down at our house right now!  Jonathan, who now thinks he should go to beauty school (jk), is cutting the boys’ hair again!  Logan is sobbing and trying to kick him because he wants his hair to grown back curly!  I refuse to get involved. . .trying to look super busy on my blog!  Oops. . .I guess that’s not being a very good helpmate to my husband!  Guess I still need to work on that goal!  I think I won’t work on it tonight!  I’ll start that tomorrow!



Ok, so this will not be inspirational or in depth.  I have a sweet baby that will not stop screaming. . .if this tooth does not come in soon I might not stop screaming!

So. . .I take my kids to the aquarium today (another one of those trips where I was asked a million times if all those kids were mine!  LOL!), and we had a great time!  I wish I could say I had a good, educational reason for taking them.  But, really. . .I just could not clean my kitchen/living room one more time!  It was so bad, and I just cleaned it last night!  I know. . the makeover says I should just quickly get it done. . .but, I just could not do it! So, I left it a mess!  I mean breakfast and lunch were still not totally cleaned up!  A monopoly game that I had started playing with the big boys had been kicked all over by the babies!  The babies had also crushed crackers into the rug and spilled a drink!  I don’t know why. . .but those crackers put me over the edge, and we had to leave!  Immediately!

The super Godly (yeah, right!) side of me got worrying on the way to the aquarium that if something happened to me, that is what people would see when they came to my home. . .the huge mess!  Really, what if family and friends came over and saw what a mess that area of  my house was!?  They would think I was a terrible mom!  Finally, I couldn’t take it any longer!

I called my daddy!  I told him how bad the kitchen was and that if something happened to me, to PLEASE not come to the hospital or crash site or whatever. . .please, if he really loved me. . .go to my house and clean up!

What is wrong with me?  I was not kidding!  I wish I could say that I was!

Jonathan met us as we were coming home from the aquarium.  I warned him that when we got home he was about to enter a disaster area.  I didn’t want him to go in first and think we had been robbed!

But, when we got home. . my kitchen and living room were picked up and cleaned!  REALLY?!?!  I totally teared up!  My daddy had come and picked up and cleaned for me!  I called him and he just didn’t want me to come home to that mess!  Best. Daddy. Ever.

Matthew 7:11  ”If you, then, though you are evil, know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more will your Father in heaven give good gifts to those who ask him!”

Thank you, Daddy!  Even more, thank you, Abba Father!  If my daddy is that great. . .how much greater is my Heavenly Father!

He will help us in all things!

You ARE A New Creation In Him!

I love you!

Tonight my kids skyped with their cousins for the first time!  They don’t live very far away, and the actually just saw them yesterday!  However, they all acted like they hadn’t seen each other in years!  They laughed, talked about nothing, told a few jokes (Why was the dog sweaty?  Because he was a hot dog!), giggled, talked about their uncle wearing princess panties (he doesn’t really. . .I don’t think), fought over who was in the middle of the picture, but mostly they just stuck their tongues out at each other and tried to make the funniest face!  They had such a good time!  They hung up 3 times, and kept calling each other back!   It was nice. . .hearing the 8 of them (Daniel was sleeping, or at least trying to) having so much fun talking to each other!

After they got done, my kids were sad.  I thought at first it was because they didn’t want to go to bed.  But, it wasn’t that at all!  Really, they were sad because they missed their cousins!  They said, “We just want to see them!  When are they going to come over?  Can they come spend the night?  When can we go to their house?”

My first reaction was that they should be thankful they got to skype with them.  Why were they complaining when they just got to do one of the most amazing things ever?  (Can you even imagine doing that when we were kids. . .how things have changed!  Amazing!)

But, then I realized. . .seeing them and talking with them didn’t feel the void of actually being with them.  They weren’t satisfied with just seeing them.. . .they wanted to be with them.  Making faces over the phone just isn’t the same as making faces at each other in person!  You can’t even hug over the phone!  As incredible as technology is. . .skyping is not the same as being.  In fact, talking with them didn’t make them miss them less.  . .it made them miss them more!

We had an incredible service tonight at church.  I could feel the presence of the Lord there with us!  I love His presence.  There is nothing like it!  But, afterwards. . .I always feel a little bit sad.  I don’t want to leave His presence.  I want to stay in it forever!  It is that longing we all have deep in our souls to be with Him.  It is that void that only He can fill. . .and someday. . .that void will be eternally filled. . .with Him in Heaven!  And, I cannot wait!

But, in the waiting. . .I will keep skyping.  I will keep meeting with Him.  I will keep learning about Him.  I will keep praying to Him.  I will keep worshipping Him.  I will keep seeking His face.  And, I will keep going into all the world. . .because that is what He has called us all to do!

As we continue in our makeover may we all continue to “skype” with Jesus. . .waiting with anticipation until we can be with Him face to face!

You ARE A New Creation in Him!

I love you!

I tried body boarding last week!  Amazingly enough, I learned some life skills while doing it.  Here they are:

1.  Although I thought getting ocean water up your nose must be just like using a neti pot, it is not!  It might clean you out temporarily, but in the end that water is not clean.  As I am sitting here still stuffed up almost a week later, I’m wondering if I have seaweed or worse. . .even fish poop in there!  I know. . .I’m so sorry.  That is gross and unladylike. . .but, it’s reality!

2.  I had to learn not to worry about what anyone else thinks!  I am not the best body boarder, by far!  In fact, I’m pretty sure people were laughing at me!  BUT, my kids started giving out scores to everyone who was doing it, and out of 10 I got at least 110 each time!

3.  You should always wear a t-shirt over your swimsuit if you don’t have “surfer gear.”  I will not expound on that.  . .just think embarrassing!

4.  Every time I listened to someone else of when to go, they always did great, and I failed epically!  When I just felt the wave myself, I had some great runs!

5.  When I got too cocky on how well I was doing, I would be waterproof tumbleweed the next try!

6.  The terrible, embarrassing mess-ups (I am talking flipping through the water not having any idea which way is up and which way is down. . .coming up with seaweed in my hair and hanging out of my shirt, hair in my face and sand everywhere) were totally worth it, because when I caught a good wave. . .it was incredible!

How is it that every situation I go through now is a simile for the rest of my life?  Here goes. . .

1.  Neti Pot – Don’t try to replace what is the real thing with a quick fix.  Yes, the ocean cleaned me out (gross. . .just deal with it for one second for me!), but in the end it made things much worse.  Why, Oh Why, do I go anywhere but to God and His Word for my answers.  Yes, it may work for a quick fix, but only His Truth will work in the end.  And, the other stuff. . .well, it’s just fish poop!

2.  We cannot live our life worried about what the world thinks.  We are to be in it, but not of it!  That isn’t easy, because it means sometimes we are just not going to fit in.  Even scarier, it means sometimes our children are not going to fit in.  But, we’re looking to Him for our ultimate reward!

3.  T-Shirt – We have to be dressed appropriately.  My kids listen to a song that says, “Get dressed in the armor of God, that’s what you must do.  Put it on, when the battle comes, God will see you through.”  We must be dressed with truth, faith, salvation, prayer, and the Word of God. (Ephesians 6)  If we aren’t dressed correctly it won’t just be embarrassing (like it was for me!). . .it can be harmful!

4.  Listening to Others – I know it is sometimes good to get Godly Wisdom from others.  But, it is most important to seek out His Will for you own life.  We so want someone to give us a “word” on what to do or how to do it.  But, He said ask and He will give YOU wisdom.  God when He says to go.  Do what He says to do.  Speak what He says to speak!

5.  Don’t get too cocky. . pride comes before a fall.  When you start thinking you can do it on your own. . .watch out.  It is in our weakness He is made strong.  Be confident in who you are. . .because that’s who He made you!  Without Him, we are all nothing.

6.  So, I’m going to mess up!  I’m going to have some embarrassing moments!  But, I’m not going to quit.  We are not going to quit!  We are going to get up, pick off the seaweed, pull our hair back again, find our board (because who knows where it went in the tumble), and head back out!  We won’t give up, because that next wave. . .it’s going to be our best ride yet!

No matter where you are in your makeover, come one. . .let’s ride!  It will be the ride of your life!

Thanks for riding with me!

You ARE a New Creation In Him!

I Love You ALL!

First, thank you for those of you who prayed for my baby boy yesterday and today!  They did let us go home, but they almost admitted him into the hospital!  It’s so scary when a baby is very sick. . .his breathing was labored and fast with a high temperature!  But, again, my God is Jehovah-Rophe (The Lord Who Heals!), and to Him I give all the glory!  I am so thankful that He sometimes heals immediately and sometimes gives Drs wisdom of what to do!  He is a faithful God!  Daniel is doing much, much better!

I’d really rather stay on the healing of Daniel, but it is time to face the music. . . (Where does that saying come from anyway?)

Have I even been on a makeover?  The month is almost over, and let’s go over some things:

I’m going to skip Spiritual Growth until the end. . .

2.  Nutritional Health

If Mtn. Dew, Chocolate, and anything that has come across my plate counts as healthy, then I’m good.  I’m so incredibly embarrassed about how poorly I have done in this area.  I’m going to have to come up with a better plan.  I’ll let you know.  .ugh. . .so frustrating!

3.  Physical Health

I have gotten a lot of exercise playing with the kids. . .especially last week in the ocean.  But, I have not been doing the intentional exercise I need to be doing.  I’m feeling very discouraged.  It’s not that I don’t want to do it. . .and I have a list of excuses (kids being sick, vacation, my ear infections, etc.), but excuses don’t change the fact that I am not any healthier today than I was 26 days ago.  It really does make me tear up. . .I’m disappointed, upset, and frustrated at myself.

4.  Helpmate to My Husband

I really have been trying to make an effort at this.  We have not done the book together that I wanted to do.  Time for him has been an issue.  I have, however, kept up with the praying for him before work and trying to do other things to help him.  For example, when he comes home from work, on days that it is possible, I have been making him go straight upstairs and relax for a while before I tell him anything about the day.  The kids or I bring him a drink of tea (or whatever. . ), and he just rests for a little while.  It really has helped our evenings.  I wish I could do it every day.

5.  The Mother God has called me to Be

The devotions have been on again off again.  Not because I don’t love doing them.  . .things just keep getting in the way.  I think that we have lost too much structure in our routine for the summer. That will be part of what I have to work on.  I have been praying for them more, and really seeking God of how to equip them to do what they need to do for the Kingdom.  With school coming up, I really need to focus on how He wants me to equip them.  Part of the reason I homeschool is so that I can pour into them however and whatever He wants me to pour.  I need His wisdom in this and have been seeking it continuously.

6.  My Home

I’d give myself a 5 out of 10 on this.  I’ve been doing really great in some areas (my closet). . .and in others. . .I’ve gotten behind and overwhelmed.  I really wanted to have more done by this point.

7.  My Finances

A lot of this month has been out of my control on this.  But, I can say I have been working very hard this much to keep the spending down.  I’m disappointed that we have not started the Dave Ramsey program, but it will come. . .I’m confident.

1.  My Spiritual Growth

I can honestly say that this has changed in my life the most this month.  I have learned so much and grown so much over the past couple of weeks. . .it really is amazing how much He has changed me in such a short period of time.  He has shown me so much in His Word and in my life.  I can honestly say He is developing me. . .from the inside out!  And, isn’t that what my real goal was?  Maybe I had to fail in the other areas so that I would see that I have progressed in the most important!

Last week at the beach my son, Logan, finally decided he wanted to go into the ocean.  He has always been terrified of any water, so I was so excited that he suddenly started to put his feet in!  He quickly went from putting his feet in to wanting to wade out a little farther. . .and then a little farther.  I was in the ocean so I knew that even though he wasn’t deep there was a strong undertow!  I was yelling at him that he was too far out, but he couldn’t hear me.. . .the sounds of the waves were too loud!  Suddenly he began to go under and yelled out in fear, but Jonathan, my husband, got to him just in time.  He scooped him up, and held him.  Then Jonathan carried him out deeper into the water and they began to play together.  Logan and I were no longer afraid.  He knew that he was safe in his daddy’s arms. . .and I knew I could relax.  . .Jonathan would never take him farther than he could hold him safely.  Where it was too dangerous for Logan to go. . .it was safe and fun to go with daddy!

Perhaps that is what I needed to learn this week.  I cannot do this on my own.  I will sink for sure.  The undertow (sickness, no sleep, busy days and nights, hardships, temptations, etc.) will pull me under for sure!  I cannot stand on my own. . .I’m not strong enough!  BUT, if my Abba Father is holding me. . .if I cry out to HIM and He is carrying me I can go farther than I ever imagined!  And, so can you!

Let’s let Him carry us!  He is more than able!

We have 4 days left of this month!  Let’s see how far out He can take us!  We can go farther with Him in these 4 days than we could in a month on our own!

You ARE A New Creation IN HIM (even when you don’t feel like it!)



Wow!  I keep having random reasons not to write.  In the ER with my baby.  He has pneumonia now!  It may be tomorrow before I write!  So Sorry!  If you get a second, please say a prayer for Daniel!  Not worried. . .HE is still our Healer!

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