2 Corinthians 5:17 (NASV)

Therefore if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creature;

the old things passed away; behold, new things have come!


I feel strange and a little overwhelmed writing this.  If you know me you are probably reading this beacause either (a) this will be funny to read because I have a tendency to tell way too much about my life to anyone who might listen or (b) you feel sorry for me that no one might read this.  (And, if you don’t know me, you are about to know more than you ever wanted to know concerning my life!!) Either way, I’m glad you are here!  You should know that I am not technology savvy at all!  I might have been the last person you know who started texting or joined facebook.  Now I have a blog. . .I’m moving up!  But, I am keeping with the rules.  And, the rules said the first page should be about myself and this blog. . .so here it goes.

My name is Kristin Kerley.  I am a sinner saved by Grace.  Jesus is the most important thing in my life!  I don’t know why He loved me when I was so unloveable.  I don’t know why He cared about me when I didn’t care about Him.  I don’t know why He died for me when I wasn’t even willing to live for Him.  But, He did.  Not one day of my life will go by that I am not thankful for what He has done for me.  He has pulled me out of the pit and placed my feet on a firm foundation.  He has loved me, saved me, provided for me, healed me, and set me free!  I know. . .this might not be what I told you this blog was about, but there is absolutely no way for me to share who I am without talking about Him. Without Him, I wouldn’t be who I am today.  To You, Jesus, I am forever grateful!  May everything I say and do glorify You!

I am a wife  to a wonderful, Godly husband.  His name is Jonathan and we have been married for 9 1/2 years.  I am so thankful and blessed to have him.  I am a homeschooling mother of 5 (yes, 5) great children!  They are 7, 5, 3, 2, and 6 months.  There are 4 boys and 1 sweet girl!  Bless her heart. . .she prays for a sister every day!  I’ll talk more about my family at some point. (oh. . .that might have been (c) you are interested in why we have so many children.  That seems to be a popular and reasonable question!)

So. . .what is this about?  Well, here it is.  I had my baby Daniel 6 months ago.  I had a really hard pregnancy and things kind of got out of control. . .my weight,  my health, my relationships, my order in my home, my finances, and. . .as sad as it sounds. . .my personal time with the Lord.  I remember, very clearly, thinking, “Ok. . .now I have had this baby and am feeling better.  It’s time to get my life back in order!”  And, then life happened. . .and here it is, 6 months (and if I really want to be honest. . .almost 7!  ugh) later; and in all honesty, things are a lot the same!  I have a lot of excuses that I could use. . .but, truth is. . .I just haven’t set my mind to it.  Even more, I don’t have the ability on my own to do it!  I have to have His help!  So, that is what I’m crying out for. . .His help!  I need to have a Total Mom Makeover. . .but it has to start from the inside!

I have come to the conclusion that I refuse to look at my life in 6 months and it look the same as it does today.  I want to be becoming all that He created me to be.  I want to be working on every area of my life so that I can walk in His good and perfect will!

I don’t expect this to be easy.  And, I’m certain that at the beginning, it won’t even be fun!  I’m pretty sure that I will want to quit and have good reasons to.  However, I am making a commitment.  In the next 6 months, starting on June 1, 2011, with God’s help, I am going to have a total mommy makeover. . .truly from the inside out.

1.  I am going to draw closer to Him.

2. I am going to feed my temple (my body) with  the healthy nutrition it needs.

3. I am going to exercise my temple.

4. I am going to work at becoming a better and more Godly helpmate to my husband.

5. I am going to be the mother to my children that will equip them to do God’s work

6.  I am going to organize and create order in my home. . .both spiritually and physically.

7.  I am going to become a better steward of our money.

I am not an expert at any of these.  But, I plan to find out who is and learn from them.  And, I will be happy to pass on what I’ve learned and my successes (and I’m sure even some failures) with you!

So, here is my question.  Does anyone want to join me?  Does anyone else think. . .there are some things that I need to change?  There are some areas that I really need to work on, and I need God’s help?  Join me.  . .it doesn’t have to be the same areas as me!  It doesn’t have to be the same ways that I am going to do it!  It can just be one thing if you want!  But, what a great way to hold one another accountable.  What a great way to. . .instead of comparing ourselves. . .uplift each other. . .with prayer and encouragement!  What a great way to start your own mommy makeover. . .from the inside-out!

Join me!  Let me know what you’re doing!  Let’s do this together!  Let’s become the new creation that He has called us to be!  I’m excited for this journey. . .and I’m even more excited you are coming too!

In Him,



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  1. Comment by: Trinity

    Love that you are doing this! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Comment by: Erin

    You are such a strong couragous and fearless woman! so excited about this! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Comment by: Emily Walker

    I am SO with you Sister! I took 30 credit hours this last semester to finish my bachelors degree. I also got married in October which added two beautiful children to my one. Needless to say life has gotten way out of hand for me in pretty much all the areas you mentioned! I am SO glad to join you in becoming the creation God has designed me to be! Thank you so much for some much needed accountability! I don’t even know you that well. I think we may have went to church camp a time or two but I am always in awe of how God uses people in my life. I’m in Sister!

  4. Comment by: Amy S.

    I will be reading your log and would also like to join you in this adventure. Since losing my job a couple weeks ago I have been through so many different feelings. First anger and frustration with myself and even God. I asked God why did he take away our one steady and stable income that we had. Why did it always seem like everything that I held dear and truly cared about or wanted to do was taken out of my grasp. Then it became a true pitty party. Basically, feeling like I was a great employee and forget anyone who tried to say different. After crying, screaming, kicking, and yes even punching Thomas’ truck steering wheel and back of his seat (when he made me turn around instead of trying to make it to the parade), I had to realize that God does have a plan for me and my family. I honestly have never wanted to be a career woman. Always wanted to be a stay at home mom so why was I so upset about losing my job you wonder? Well it’s simple, I am a CONTROL freak. How can we make it if I am not working and not helping with income? Well maybe if I don’t try to do it myself and just let the control down and let God work in our life…..:-)I thank God for giving me the friends that He has. The friends that not only held me when I needed but also told me I was wrong because even though I was upset I still have to honor my former supervisors because God put them in that position and honoring them I am also honoring him. After my terrible two’s like rant I finally gave it all to God. His wonderful plan is going to be laid out for me as I go on this new adventure with Him. I also know that God has a plan for me at Redemption Point Metro. I know that now my slate is new and God is going to use me there. He also has a wonderful plan for my husband and children there also. I won’t lie though, it is hard not knowing the future. Not knowing if I will be able to get unemployment and get to stay home with the kids during the summer. Not knowing if there is something at church that I can use my talent in (actually not knowing what my talent is also is mind boggling in itself), not knowing if or when God’s plan will be for me to get another job, and not knowing how we will be able to pay or bills and feed our children during this transition time. But what I do know is during every step I am going to ask God for His guidance. When ever I go to an interview I will ask Him to guide my words, my smile, and my attitude. I will be so appreciative of the time that He is allowing me to spend with my kids right now. Although I have always wanted to spend more time with my kids I have always had to work full time in order to financially make it. For the last 4 years, I worked so many hours and was never off on holidays except for Thanksgiving and Christmas that I have missed out on family time that I will never get back. I have only been able to go on 1 field trip with Tre’ in all of these years that he has been in school. So I promise God right now that even when my kids are fighting, even when it’s blazing hot outside and I am sweating to death as Tyler rides her bike or plays on the monkey bars, even when I am so frustrated with Tre’ for having to tell him for the hundredth time to shower and use deoderant, I will be thankful for this time that He is giving me with them. I actually am starting to tear up just typing this about my babies. My biggest goal right now is to get a deeper relationship with God. I’m not even going to lie I am awful at reading the bible. I actually have a hard time reading it and grasping what I am reading. I actually have read the same lines like twenty times and still didn’t understand what it said. I have started the bible in Genesis many many times and got lost in the begots and gave up. Now, I will say this, I also have a hard time reading books and magazines too. Maybe its the ADD in me lol. Since I don’t know where to begin in the bible and not get lost I am going to ask him one step at at time to guide me on where to begin. I may even try to find the bible for dummies book. I really know that I have to get into His word in order to hear truly what His plans are for me and for what the next step is that He wants me to take. Ms. Kristen please pray for me during this mommy make over and I’ll pray for you. This blogging thing is definitely a new thing for me but it does feel good to type out my feelings and my hopes and dreams. Love you Ms. Kristen :-)

  5. Comment by: April

    yes, definitely! I want to join you! Thank you for doing this! Very exciting and timely! Had the same start date in my mind this week as well!!!

  6. Comment by: Kasey


    You must have read my mind, I feel the same way. Although different circumstances have led me down a path of feeling like my life is out of control. It’s a constant race, one where I run my tail off but never arrive at my destination.

    Thank you for your transparency, because of your obedience I feel the Holy Spirit whispering in my ear that he has heard my prayers.

    I am fully on board. Would you mind if I linked to your blog on ours? I think many women feel the same way.

    Excited and ready for June 1st.

    Many Blessings,

  7. Comment by: Wilmari

    I am in!!! Totally speaks to my heart and what I am trying to do too!! :)

  8. Comment by: Kristin

    Thanks, Trinity! You’re so sweet!

  9. Comment by: Kristin

    Thank you, Erin. This reminded me to go to Joshua 1 where the Lord is telling Joshua to be strong and courageous! He tells Joshua to trust in Him, stay focused, and meditate on the Word! What a good reminder as this get started. . .trust, focus, and meditate on His Word! Thanks for this gentle yet empowering reminder! Love you!

  10. Comment by: Kristin

    Emily, I so remember church camp with you! Great memories! It sounds like you have had a lot of wonderful, big events in your life, and I can see why it would seem overwhelming! I will be praying for you! (Out loud! LOL!) Let me know how it is going! I cannot wait to see what God is about to do in your life! He has great plans for you. . .plans to prosper you and to give you a hope and a future. (Jeremiah 29:11) And, He alone will give you the strength to do everything you need to do!

  11. Comment by: Kristin

    April, Why, oh why don’t I live closer to you, my dear friend? When I read your text the other day I thought this might be good timing for you too! I love you and will be praying for you in your journey! And. . .if you have any of your wonderful, delicious recipes that are super healthy for the whole family. . will you please send them my way?! You seem so good at that!

  12. Comment by: Kristin

    Kasey! I was going to text you and see if I could mention your on here! Plus, I was thinking I might start my couponing (is that a word) adventure on here too! It would fit perfectly with being a good steward, and I really want to do it!

    I’m glad that He has confirmed that He has heard your prayers. It’s so hard when you pray and it seems those prayers might not be reaching the ears of the the only One who can help you! But, be certain. . .even when it doesn’t seem like it. . .He hears your prayers. The other day Daniel was SCREAMING for his bottle. In the meantime, I was washing out his bottle and getting it ready for him. I looked at him and he was looking at me like, “Mom! Don’t you hear me!? Don’t you even care that I’m crying for my bottle?! Are you never going to feed me?!” And, I was just trying to get it perfect for him. I was making sure he wouldn’t get sick by cleaning it out well. I was making sure it was the perfect temperature. . .so it wouldn’t burn him and it wouldn’t be so cold that it wasn’t enjoyable to him. I wanted it to be perfect. I suddenly started crying. I wonder how many times the Father is getting it just right for us. . .the circumstances. . .the temperature. . .everything perfect for His plan. And, all the while I am wondering why He isn’t hearing me. He has heard and is working for your good! He’s such a great God!

    I’m excited to see what He is about to do in your life! I will be praying for you! Love!

  13. Comment by: Kristin

    My Wilmari, I feel totally honored that you read my blog and are in! I think He is calling all of us to a new level in Him. . .in every area of our life! He wants us to be equipped for everything He calls us to do! I’m excited to see what He is about to do in your life! I can’t wait to take this journey with you! I love you!

  14. Comment by: Kristin

    It’s so hard to respond to such an honest, beautiful post with my children singing, “Momma, don’t let your babies grow up to be Cowboys,” in the background! I sang it one time and it stuck! But, I don’t want to wait to respond! Amy. . .it is obvious why you would feel so overwhelmed right now. You have been through so much lately! I wish I had the perfect answers as to why you are having to go through all of this. All I can think is the purification process is hard. When gold is being purified into the treasure it is called to be, it is put under heat and pressure. I actually just read about it, and there are several things I thought interesting. First, it said it is very dangerous and you should only do it if you are an expert. The great news is that although the process is hard. . .we don’t just have an expert. . .we have the Alpha and Omega, the Expert of all Experts, working on us! We can rest assured that He does not sleep or slumber, He will work on us until we are complete. He does NOT make a mistake. And, even when it hurts, He is holding us with His love and mercy. NO ONE wants us to be a new creation more than He does! Second, there is often a lot of silver that has to be removed. That stuck out to me because silver is valuable. It looks beautiful. People spend a lot of money on it. And yet, even though it has worth to the world, when it is in the gold. . .it takes away the value of the gold. I have to think that maybe He is just removing the silver from your life. . .so that you can be the creation He called you to be. . .pure gold! Third, the final step is to heat the gold to 2000 degrees F. What?! After you have been through all these chemical and tough processes. . .after the silver has been removed. . .after you think surely this is over. . .I can’t take anymore. . .then 2000 degrees of heat! But, just as the goldsmith would only do things that will make the gold perfect. . .so He is doing for you! You will make it through this! It might not be easy or comfortable. . but you will make it through. And you will be what He has called you to be!

    I am praying for you! I’m praying that your finances will turn around, that you will find your gifts and walk in them to reach the world, that He would restore your time with your children that the enemy has stolen, that you will have peace and joy in every step, and that the Word would become so alive to you that it becomes not only understandable, but life giving!

    Thanks for coming on this journey with me! I cannot wait to see what God has in store for you! We will look back in 6 months and say. . .look what the Lord has done!!! And we will worship (and cry probably) together!

  15. Comment by: Johanna

    Kristin, How cool that God is using something you thought you needed for yourself to bless and encourage so many others! Great job in following the Holy Spirits promptings to not only tackle this for yourself, but to invite others along! I feel God is gonna do some pretty cool things in a lot of women’s lives through this. I would love to join you and I look forward to checking in with your posts!

  16. Comment by: Kristin

    You are so kind. Thank you for your words of encouragement! I have no idea, on my own, what I am doing! That’s why this has to be a God. I know that it is impossible without Him. But. . .with God. . .all things are possible! So, I’m excited!

    I’m even more excited that you are going to join in! I think back from our college days. . .LOL!. . .we’ve come a long way! How happy it makes me, though, that we have a long way to go. . . and we can do it together!

  17. Comment by: D. B.

    Yes I read your blog last night and felt the Lord speaking to me but was not sure about what…so I did not want to post anything until I knew I was hearing God clearly. I am not a new mommy or new daddy… but there are some goals that I have said was from God, achieved a few of them, working on achieving some of them, and not even started achieving even more of them. It’s to hard to type using my phone a long lost of what I have achieved, what I am achieving, but here are the two things that I wish to achieve and game plan on how. As life demands have hit me the past few years with a busy occupation, having a wife that I love but have to make sure I provide for, and really just life in general I have neglected two areas. # 1 is my spiritual walk with the Lord. I love God more then I did, I am being asked to speak more or teach more then I did but the past few years I have prayed less, read less, and do not even think about going with out a meal…. can’t ya tell. So Game plan… Fasting with you and my wife who already fast the first 3 days of each month. I have neglected to join her and she has cooked for me on days she fast… but not anymore… we are so going to start a devotional together tomorrow…. any ideas because I have no clue what we should read together or study together as a devotional… and thirdly I am going to become once more a man of prayer. Kevin preached on this last Wednesday and I felt God speaking to me… I once prayed so much I could not find stuff not to pray about… I guess life has got so good for me… beautiful loving wife… steady Job… place of my own… that I quit praying for myself… but I am going to return to prayer… # 2 is my health. Why do I buy a box of little Debbie only to eat 11 and my wife to eat 1? This is not being a good steward either. You and Dr. J know I once was health minded, had lost weight, was weight lifting…. but I got my beautiful wife and must say from the moment we dated I started gaining weight… I too feel that for me to achieve Gods call on my life I need to be healthier, and more fit. And 2nd I wish to be healthier and more fit when Pamela and I start to have babies. Since we have been married I have been in and out but no real commitment. So starting Monday Pamela and I will be going to the gym in the A.M. for one hour… and I am going to focus on more what is going into my body. And not going to be buying little Debbie ha ha…

  18. Comment by: Kristin

    D.B., You have just made my night! I’m so happy you read my blog and posted!! It made me tear up! I am so glad that you are joining in on this journey! I know God has such incredible plans for your life and for your lives together! I am honored to know you both! I know God has spoken to you and He sees your plan. He will bless what you are doing because it is for His Glory!

    You are so right. Sometimes life gets so comfortable that the things that are so important seem to slide (prayer, study, health, etc.) That is a scary place to be (trust me, I know) because it puts it all on us. That seems fine when things are going well. But, when something happens to rock your world. . .and you’re trusting in yourself. . .well, it’s a bad place to be! When, however, you are focused on Him even in the good times. . .when the bad times come. . .you will not be swayed because your house is built on the Rock!

    I’m so proud of you! I cannot wait to see what God is going to do in your life in the next 6 months! Let’s look back all together and stand in amazement at His hands at work!

    Love you both (and those to come. . .someday!)

  19. Comment by: Sarah

    dear sweet Kristen,

    I am speechless and honored that you would follow the leading of the Holy Spirit. I LOVE this and this is for me too. Last year the Lord had me focus on two things. 1) basking in His word and spending quality time with him…which proved to be the most precious and freeing moments of my life. 2) get very serious about exercising and getting healthy.I have never had to do this and really did not want to or know how to. One year later, 30 pounds gone, a half marathon done and stronger than ever before…TO GOD BE THE GLORY. (believe me this has been harder than my quiet time with the Lord) I am not one of those women who actually likes to exercise, Although now its become a part of my life.
    Now, this year he has moved me onto a few more items…..1) making my like more simple…living by the adage “just because you can does not mean you should”…..you know just cause you can buy that does not mean you need it….just because your good at that task and it would serve the church or community does not mean your at a season in your life to do that…just because you like having “lots of friends and hanging out with them” does not mean I only want you focused on your man, your babies and the few very high quality ones I have sent you.
    2) financial responsibility, whew this is the hardest one for as shopper and decorator by nature and EVEN a giver by nature. I feel the Lord calling me to pull the reigns back on spending, save more, pay more attention to what things cost, even if the coupon is a dollar off…cut it don’t be lazy, even if you are dying for a new outfit, be very very sure you really need it. Just because you LOVE kids clothes and all the pretty stuff that goes with it…be more frugal make sure they are actually getting to wear what they have. This is been a hard one for me. I have just really signed on to this one and its been rocking me a bit. But, I am going there…to whom much is give much is required.
    3) relationships: I asked the Lord to reveal to me relationships he no longer wanted me to invest in (being that I am a friends person that loves people) I have NEVER experienced a season of hurt and grief like till I heard this from the Lord. It goes deep. Chose people who respond to you in relationship, make sure its double sided and that I am not being used. Make sure when you are around you they celebrate you (and are not jealous and vice versa). When I asked the Lord to start revealing who the “near and dear” were he did and it has been VERY VERY hard. But, His ways higher….I have Learned SO much. I am thankful for this trial and even the persecution as He helps me draw relational boundries.
    Kristen, just sharing my heart too. I know EXACTLY what you are feeling cause I am there and this blog is TOTALLY Holy Spirit driven. I want to join you as I have started this journey a few months back and need some encouragement and accountability.
    I am praying for you my sweet sister. That the Lord HIMSELF would lift you up and garner you with perfect clarity, strength and discipline as you move forwards. He has done it for me, He will do it for you and I continue to ask for me.
    I love you even tough we never get to see each other. Thank you for doing this.
    xoxo Sarah Cantrell

  20. Comment by: Kristin

    Sarah! Wow, God has had you on such a journey! He must be preparing you for something great! I’ve found that is what usually requires the pruning process, and that process is never easy! But, it is always worth it! I really can relate to cutting off the relationships. That is so hard to do, and something I’ve had to do several times throughout the past few years. I have had to let some go that I loved, but were truly draining me and taking so much from me that I didn’t have enough left to do what God was really calling me to do. The enemy uses this against us because as Christians we want to help others. . .we want to be there for others. . .we want to be a friend that sticks closer, even than a brother . . .we want to turn the other cheek over and over. But there comes a time when it isn’t healthy for either of you. I just did Alyssa’s devotion with her and the scripture was, “You should not allow others to treat you badly. In the name of the Lord I cut them off.” (Psalm 118:12) I thought at first it was a strange scripture to use for a child, but later I got it. Sometimes, so you can do the work of the Lord, those who are not really “with” you have to be cut off. . .and, Praise God. . .sometimes that’s all they need to realize the problem and step up! Some that I have had to cut off in the past, God has been able to restore our relationship. . in His timing! And, it is so much better than it was in the past!
    I know that being a good steward of money is hard! Trust me, I know! This year I have been really dealing with that! It’s hard to say no when your flesh tells you it is a necessity! I can do without things myself, but it kills me to not buy for my kids! The funny thing is. . .they could care less! I have been talking with them about saving our money, and now they remind me! God is so good in giving me the encouragement I need. . .even through my kiddos!
    I’m amazed at what God has already done in your life and what He is continuing to do! I am honored that you want to join with me! I cannot wait to look back and see what the Lord has done. . .for He is Good! I will be praying for you!

  21. Comment by: Tracey

    I think this is so wonderful to read! At times as a Stay at home mom, the feelings I have or show,I begin to think I’m the only mom out there that feels like she is losing it. I sooooo desire to be the helpmeet and mother our wonderful loving God designed me to be. There are things I know I should do and I still just don’t do it. UUURRRRGGGHHH!!! As I go through my own journey of this life on earth, I want my boys to know their mom loves Jesus and He is 1st in her life. That’s what I want, but not what I do! Ouch- that so hurts to write. My personal time with the Lord is early in the morning, before my bunch awakes, but my devotions with them happens hhhhhhmmmmm once a week. We were doing so good and then I just stop. How awful I’m teaching the boys! My goal is to make our day more productive for God! I do want the boys to want to draw close to God and live for HIM! My focus stays way to much on how clean the house is. I get agravated b/c I clean and then wonder 5 mins. later what did I just clean. I need some good scripture to meditate on and just keep with me!!!! So I’m gonna join everyone on this journey, I’m gonna pray for our journey!! Let’s have fun and glorify God for the good, the bad, and the ugly of this journey together. It hurts when God shows what is in my heart, but I’m sooo thankful He does!!

  22. Comment by: New Creation Makeover: I’m game how about you?

    [...] a goal to shower every day is a good goal! LOL! But please, join me in your own makeover! See my “About ” page to learn more about what we are doing! Let’s get excited, and let’s get this [...]

  23. Comment by: Kristin

    Precious Tracey,
    You know you are not alone! We all think we are losing it! It’s amazing though, because we all look at you and think, “Wow! What a Godly woman! What a wonderful mother!” I almost didn’t even tell you about my blog because you were going to see who I truly am. . .a woman who so desires to please God. . .and somehow, seems to fall short in so many areas! The good news, is He didn’t call us to be perfect. . .and if we seek, He will give us the wisdom, direction, and ability to do exactly what He has called us to do!

    I will be praying for you on this journey! He is calling us all to a new level in Him, but we can only get there with His help! But, maybe, He has called each of us to be His hands and His feet and help each other!

    I love and admire you so much! You are a wonderful mother. . .a mother who loves the Lord and is teaching her children even when you don’t realize it!

    have you read that book about being his helpmeet? Ive been wanting to!

    oh. . .and I have put scripture everywhere in our home! I have to have where it is in front of my face. . .I totally understand that! On my mirror, written with a white board marker, I have Psalm 94:18 “When I said ‘my foot is slipping,’ Your Love O Lord, supported me.” In those moments when we have had enough. . .He will support you with His Love!

  24. Comment by: Tammy

    Kristin, I love how you keep it real, I have looked at you so many time and thought wow that mom has it going on always looking HOT and kids doing as she ask..man I want to be her when I grow up ( yes I know I am older BUT )I thank God to call you my friend/ sister. I mostly love to the way you love others and want to help them. I pray that God keeps his hand on all of us as we try to make things better for our bodies, our families, our lives, and most of all our walk with God. I pray God will opens doors for us all, that we will walk through the doors holding Gods hand and trust in him and give our worries to him.
    God Bless U N love you

  25. Comment by: Kristin

    Tammy, If only you saw me most days. . .no make-up, work out clothes, hair in a ponytail, spit up on my clothes you might not be so impressed! I’m thankful, too that you are my sister and friend! I love you so much! I’m so glad that you are making this journey with us! I’m proud of you!

  26. Comment by: Greta

    I have been seeing your notifications pop up on Facebook but had not had a chance to read your blog until tonight – oddly, the night before my own makeover begins (the first full week of summer vacation). You are one of the women that I admire (envy) and always have. I don’t know of any area of my life that is in great condition, so it is difficult to label what my specific goals are. I will just say that my health is going to be a huge priority: physical, spiritual, financial, and the whole lot. Honestly, I feel like I have been thrown from the bull one too many times, but I am ready to grab that sucker by the horns. Not really. I am not ready at all. I am afraid of failure, committing to the process, and finding I am not as strong as I like to think I am. After reading your posts about similar things, I think this may just give me the encouragement I need to get going. I have a LONG way to go. I love you forever.

  27. Comment by: Kristin

    My Dear Greta, I, of all people, am not one to envy! LOL! If you just knew how much I didn’t have it together. . .it would put your mind at ease! And, if there is anything in me to admire, it is without a doubt, only by the Grace of God! I’m so glad you are joining us in this journey! We all have a long way to go. . .so this is a perfect place to be. I will pray for your strength in making this commitment, but just know, if you are thrown off that bull again. . .this is a safe place to land! Hold on tight though. . . I have a feeling this is about to be your best ride yet! (Not because of this blog! LOL!) But, because the Father has brought you to this point. . . and He is now going to give you all the resources, strength, and encouragement you need to become everything He has created YOU to be. . .in every area of your life! I’m so proud of you! And, I love you forever too! ahhhh. . that brought tears to my eyes!

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